The Essentials of A Good Percussion Massager

The Essentials of A Good Percussion Massager

If you are in the market for a percussion massager, chances are you have come across many different variations online. Unfortunately, as percussive massage has risen in popularity, more people have tried to cash in by developing over-priced or knock off massagers that do not do percussive therapy justice. I don’t know about you, but we are tired of it.

You are an athlete. You are a gamer. You are a musician. You are a martial artist. You work hard and you play hard. You expect the best from yourself, so why expect any less of your recovery tools? 

Man Using Drumgun for Muscle Recovery

Here at Drum, we want to cut through the noise and deliver our customers ultra quiet, powerful massagers that enhance recovery without making you break the bank. We know you are a passionate and motivated person, and that you do not have time for the hypes and gimmicks other companies try to sell you. 

With that in mind, here are five essential traits of a good percussion massager:

Multiple Head Attachments

When you lead an active and busy life, change and variety are inevitabilities. The same principles apply to tight muscles: one week, you might be recovering from a sore neck, the next week, you might be struggling with an aching back. 

To counter this, a good percussion massager provides a soothing, deep tissue massage to any muscle group that needs it. How is this possible? Multiple head attachments.

The five types of head attachments on any worthwhile percussion massager are bullet heads, flat heads, ball heads, fork heads and pneumatic heads. Which one do you use? Well, that depends on which of your muscle groups need relief. 

Let’s say that, after a long day of work, you feel stiffness in your neck. After grinding all day at your 9 to 5, you want a nice workout, but you worry you will hurt your neck even more. In this case, you need to use the fork head attachment, which is excellent for relieving a stiff neck.

But what about after the workout, when your back is aching after a heavy lifting session? No sweat - - just try a flat head. It fits flush against your body, making it ideal for large muscle groups like the back.

As you can probably guess by now, each massager head correlates to different areas of muscle tissue. Bullet heads soothe “hard” muscle groups like thighs and quads, flat heads soothe dense areas of the body like the back and chest, ball shaped heads are effective on sensitive areas like the feet, fork shaped heads treat the neck as well as lower body muscles and pneumatic heads use air to target especially tender areas. 

Here at Drum, we have equipped our percussion massager, the Drum Massage Gun (aka “The Drum”), with all five types of heads. So trust us - - go do your work out, ride your skateboard, write your music or play your video game. We’ve got you covered. 

Long Battery Life

As our world moves at a faster pace than ever before, none of us have the time to wait for slow-charging batteries or dead devices. We need results quickly and easily. The same goes for your percussion massager.

We know that other percussion massagers on the market claim to have a “long battery life,” but what does that really mean? How long do you really need the battery to last?

Here at Drum, we believe in the power of a fifteen minute percussive massage session, be it before, during or after your workout. Our research and experience shows that fifteen minute sessions are ideal for quick, effective prevention and treatment. Any longer, and you risk overstimulating the muscles.

But we also know that a life of exercise and passion often leaves us tight and sore. As an active and busy person, you might need more than one treatment a day. To accommodate this, we have equipped the Drum with a three-hour battery life, leaving you room for up to 12 fifteen minute treatments.   

Multiple Speed Options

As anyone who has used percussive therapy can tell you, multiple speed settings are absolutely crucial. But why?

The truth is, not all sore muscles are created equally. When you strain your neck while working on your laptop all night, it feels a lot different than when you strain your neck doing a trick on your skateboard. This is where speed adjustment comes to the rescue.

While all vibration therapy seeks to increase blood flow and range of motion, different speeds are needed to soothe different types of muscle groups. The best way to find the ideal speed is to identify your needs and select an option that comfortably targets them. 

If you are looking to use your Drum to increase circulation and warm up before a workout, then you will want lower speeds. If you want more intense muscle penetration to recover after a tough workout, go with a higher speed. We at DRUM provide instructional speed guidelines with our device, but the truth is, there is not a one size fits all approach. The key is finding what speed works for YOU.

If you are still confused, think of it this way: the speed of the massager directly correlates to the number of percussions per minute. If you set the speed to a higher level, this means that the rapid bursts of pressure are emitted from the massager at an accelerated pace. The higher the level, the more intense the treatment.

Unlike other companies that charge ridiculous amounts for up to 20 different speeds, we at Drum keep it simple. Our technologically-advanced massager features four speeds, which we feel is perfect for targeting the entire range of muscle soreness. 

Man working out

Pressure Control System

As a hard worker, you know that you get out of life what you put into it. Whether in the office, the gym or a 10-hour Call of Duty marathon, you want your results to match your effort. At Drum, our pressure control system is created with that spirit in mind.

The Drum uses adaptive pressure gauging to match the vibration level of the massage to the amount of force you exert on the targeted area. Unlike a masseuse, you can always tell what feels good and what does not. You know how hard you like to be massaged, and when the pressure is simply too much. 

Backed by our powerful technology, the Drum understands this and follows your every command. For the first time, the exact massage you want is entirely within your control. Whether you want a powerful massage exerting 60 pounds of force or a gentle massage soothing out a stubborn muscle knot, your percussion massager should immediately understand your needs and adapt. Just like you, your massager should thrive under the pressure. 

Ergonomic Grip

When it comes to percussive massage guns on the market, many people might not even think about the importance of a grip. At Drum, we don’t ignore those details - - a good grip makes the percussive massage experience drastically more effective and pleasurable. 

Ergonomic grips are key for percussive massage because they allow you to reach any muscle area in the body. Whether it is the balls of your feet or the middle of your back, you need to be able to count on your massager to actually reach the area that needs help. While this sounds simple, many massage guns on the market fail to accomplish this.

At Drum, our ergonomic grip is one of the key features of our product. Rather than settling for the typical designs that were already on the market, we took our time to ensure that our design was both affordable and highly effective. After considerable research and development, we believe that our unique, ergonomic grip allows you to reach where others on the market cannot. Period. 

Why Drum?

As a modern consumer, we know you are bombarded with advertisements promising to “change your life” and make you a perfect person, but we at Drum are not about that. Our mission is to provide premium, percussive therapy at a great value. Don’t believe us? Try it. 

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